E-Learning Discounted Bundle

KENET in collaboration with Kenyan Higher education institutions and mobile networks providers (Safaricom PLC, Airtel Network and Telkom Kenya) have come up with E-Learning Discounted Bundles for the higher education community. The E-Learning Discounted Bundle is an ideal solution for students and staff of educational institutions where the learning institution offers e-learning and online learning through educational resources available over the Internet.

The discounted bundles are restricted to only resources provided by the educational institution to be included in the bundle. Accessing Internet resources outside those included in the bundle will not be charged/deducted from the E-learning Bundle.

Below are the negotiated pre- paid bundle plans for the KENET Community: -

  1. Safaricom - 10GB/month data bundle at KES 500

  2. Airtel Networks - 12GB/month data bundle at KES 500

  3. Telkom Kenya - 10GB/month data bundle at KES 350


All students and staff of institutions of higher learning (Universities, University Colleges, etc) are eligible to sign up and purchase the discounted bundles once the subscriber has been whitelisted/activated.

The discounted bundles are pre-paid and users are expected to purchase the bundles for themselves. Mobile subscribers on either pre-paid or post-paid subscriber plans are eligible to register and purchase the discounted education bundles. Any bundle plans that are paid for by an institution on behalf of its users will be specifically communicated by that institution to its users.